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A Blank Canvas

Starting from here, we use our process to turn your ideas into reality. Whether it is designing the next big web app - or just getting your phone working again - we have you covered.

changing the Game

What started as a hobby, turned into a full time job!

The origins

Where it started

The adventure of Andrified Computer Services started back in 2010, when the owner, Andrew Jennings, was contracted by his school to help teachers with IT support. Shortly after, Andrew was fixing computer for his entire town and it only grew from there.

Evolving the Business

It didn't take long until Andrew couldn't run everything on his own, so he got a few friends, Jeffrey and Jacob, to help him out. With his new team, Andrified Computer Services was getting real.

New Skills

After some time, the Andrified team found that computer support just wasn't enough for them; they needed to expand their skill-set. The team took it upon themselves to learn programming, graphic design, and web development with each person specializing in one while learning the basics of the others.

Time to take over the world

With our skills, we plan to take over the technology world someday. Our name will one day be up with the ranks of Apple and Microsoft; and we have plenty of time to do it.

  • Simple and Functional.
    We believe simplicity and functionality should come first in all of our projects.
  • Designed to Perfection.
    Pixel-perfect design is very important to us, because if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right.
  • Knowledge is Power
    We believe the key to any situation is to simply know what you should do, so we take it upon ourselves to learn about our trade every day.

Process & Philosophy


"What started as a hobby, turned into a full time job!"


Web dEvelopment

Because designing websites has become such a common task for designers, we have taken it upon ourselves to learn the next step in the process; ensuring you have a seamless flow from design to launch.


Graphic DEsign

From logos to websites to advertisements and more, designing is one of our top 3 specialties. We take the image in your head and bring it to life with a pixel-perfect look!


IT Services

Computers are prone to malfunction and it gets annoying. We will gladly help you get your devices back up and running properly. When you trust us with your device, if we can't fix it you don't pay; that's our guarantee.

Our Policy

Designing logos, building websites, and fixing computers: Andrified Computer Services is sure to have the talent you require for all your technology needs.

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Top quality Support

In our line of work, it is literally our business to give the best support we possibly can. Whether we are designing a logo, building your business's website, or just giving your computer a tune-up, the team at Andrified Computer Services will ensure you get top quality support for you and your devices.

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